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February 20, 2012 at 9:50am

The Sidekicks - “Daisy”

Holy fuck. I don’t know if it is as effective out of the context of the album, because I feel like the whole record is basically building to this song…it’s so triumphant and hopeful and huge. I love how basically anyone can make a Born To Run these days. Like these twentysomething kids from Ohio. Actually not that much different from an E Street Band. I don’t know enough about Bruce to finish making this comparison, but basically what we have here is a big tent rock record. Something to unite the kids of America. A lot of bands are capable of doing something like this nowadays, so a lot of folks might say that makes it less exciting, but I don’t think that’s exactly true. To me this record is very exciting because I’ll be seeing this band at really small clubs or even basements. But they’re going to be playing these tunes that are fit for a stadium or an outdoor festival. But they’re going to be like, right there. Getting to see inspiring DIY bands every weekend if you want can make you kinda jaded, hard to get excited or impressed by the people you’re sharing this space with. It’s so available. Records like this remind you to be excited and blown away.


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    daisy, daisy, give me one last try save me from the fires of their lies
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    rock and fucking roll. Happy Monday y’all
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    The Sidekicks - “Daisy”
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    The Sidekicks | Daisy
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    This song is fucking amazing
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    this guy just sent me the entire album… i dunno man, i think i’m in love with this
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    this record is perfect on so many levels. the sidekicks are DOING IT. they are doing it ALL on this record. a year from...
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